Kiss greasy, high-maintenance bike chains goodbye with Gates Carbon Drive System. Learn about the only belt drive system designed specifically for bikes. Bike Brands ‎CDX High-Performance ‎CDN Urban ‎Tools for a Smooth RideBike Brands with a Carbon Drive System Gates Carbon Drivewww. Oversæt denne sideGates Carbon Drive is offered on over 4bike models, across leading brands in many styles.

See top Bike Brands who offer Gates Carbon Drive. Gates Carbon Drive provides a powerful, reliable ride across any terrain and a range of product lines—from high-performance, urban, eBikes, and Tandem bikes . Stort udvalg af cykler med Gates Carbon Drive. Pendlercykler, MTB’er, crosscykler og ekspeditionscykler – Alle med remtræk.

The Way to Bike er officiel Gates Carbon Drive forhandler og har et stort udvalg af originale Gates Carbon Drive dele på lager i Danmark. Gates Carbon Drive Centertrack og Mudport reservedele og værktøj. I completed a two year, 3000km trip between Europe and Australia using a Gates Carbon Drivetrain.

I started with belts on my modified Surly . A 52editor traded in her commuter bike for a month to try out the Gates Carbon Drive System. Gates Carbon Drive launched in 20at Interbike after several years of research and development by engineers at Gates Corporation; .

Gates carbon drive