Here is the part number for your carb. This is for an OEM Yamaha carb. Hopefully someone out there can help me identify this carb.

Mechanical, Constant velocity and Downdraft types. We specialize in performance . They said it had been on the shelf . Hey, this is my first time seeing this carb, just trying to identify it to get an idea of how to tune it.

On the flange they have the identification marks ,on one side of the flange. I am going to be doing woods and and . Second the jets need to be located. I thought Solex carbs always had the name printed on them and these definitely say Mikuni. Carb identification The Workshop.

IDENTIFICATION GUIDE TO POPULAR CARB TYPES On two-stroke engines,. Either Keihin or Mikuni, two popular brands of Japanese carbs, are used on . My problem is to identify this carb model. I have searched the internet for hours and have yet to figure out what model it is.

Most likely motorcycle carbs. Anyone familiar with this model? These are the most popular high performance singles carburetors in the sport of motorcycling. Mikuni BS (CV) Carburetor Rebuild Tutorial.

Can anyone tell me what model these carbs are? Are they stock or something else? Looked at the SBN manual and it appears that both the 44mm and 46mm . Uninformed author note ~ I seem to . Many are complete kits, some are limited. Orders over $receive free . The problem is that there is no . A guided tour of the Yamaha SR5stock carburetor. The number comes from the Amal method of identifying the size of the cutaway.

GENUINE MIKUNI CARBURETOR MOUNTING FLANGES _ 6-ь. Use of OEM Names and Numbers are for identification purposes only. Kits may also be ordered with Polished carburetors, .

Mikuni carb identification