Køb skruer, bolte og anden befæstigelse hos os online her! Multi-monti betonbolt Expandet EG6-KT. Altid billige priser på Expandet – Leveret lige til døren – Køb online nu!

Med ekspansionsfri montage gives der mulighed for lille kantafstand . Das zugelassene Montagesystem MULTI-MONTI basiert auf einem neuen Wirkungsprinzip in der Verankerungstechnik. Der Schraubanker wird ohne Dübel . Du finder altid et stort udvalg.

Mounting technology without wall plugs. MULTI-MONTI is an innovative anchoring system for securing mounting hardware to concrete and other solid masonry. Heco MULTI-MONTI MMS-S 640A Galvanised Screw Ø7. ETA-approved concrete screw in various head shapes.

Self-tapping, approved screw anchors for push-through . THE INNOVATVE FASTENING SYSTEM. The innovative Stainless screw anchor in Aand Awith head marking. RECA – MULTI-MONTI UH FZ 5X120. Ce produit est déjà utilisé en escalade souterraine, mais on en voit .

HECO MULTI-MONTI MMS valid for. Direkte træk er beregnet ved beton 25N mm2. Køb bolte, møtrikker og skruer af stål, rustfri stål og syrefast stål til et væld af formål online hos KJ Værktøj. The screw anchor is installed without plugs. Saves (dis) assembly time up.

Concrete screw made of galvanised steel for use in concrete . This screw anchor holds without an additional plug! High load capacity due to form closure in anchoring groun no spreading, high extraction values at small . Hexagon head concrete brickwork fixings with CE CPR ETA approval Heco Multi Monti. The baseplate anchor MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect (MMS-TC) is based on the well-known MULTI-MONTI anchor system for securing components directly in . Steel surface: galvanised and blue passivated.

Field application anchorages expansion pressure cracked non-cracked concrete Direct mounting attachment parts, brackets, support channels, plates, . Entdecken Sie unser günstiges Sortiment . MMS-plus betonikierre ohuempi runko ja syvempi kierre tuottaa paremman hyötysuhteen. Suitable for non approval-related fasteners in many other materials such as . The Multi Monti screw anchors are used to fasten light to heavy objects in concrete.

Multi monti