Place the cold braid end on the solder that is to be removed. Remove the braid and the hot iron at the same . This tool will help to remove solder from any solder .

What, pray tell, is solder wick? I have never added additional flux. Solder wick normally has flux in it.

Also, if you can, turn your temperature up ten degrees when you use wick. ID: 1- 5ft spool – Used along with the solder sucker to clean up soldering messes . A fine mesh of flux-coate copper strands that absorbs solder when heated. Shop Grainger for desoldering braids, integral to the desoldering operation at large. Choose from braids and wicks.

Faster thermal transmission for superior performance at lower temperature and with lower wattage soldering irons. Removes solder from connections quickly and easily. EDSYN is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality soldering, desoldering, SMT rework and.

Just press onto solder connection with hot iron and the solder wicks up to the braid. Cleaned and manufactured using technology in environmentally friendly chemicals and processes. The no clean flux in the braid allows for quick solder wicking and leaves no residue. Get lead-free desoldering braid from Techni-Tool, a trusted industry leader for over years.

SOLDER WICK This solder wick takes the hassle out of fixing mistakes. I find wick stops working well, presumably due to oxidation. A specially impregnated wick that can be used to draw up molten solder, leaving the joint clean and ready for re-soldering. Desoldering braid removes solder quickly and easily. For me, the pump is usually more convenient for removing large amounts of solder, or sucking it out of . Products for your soldering projects as well as solder wick to suck up unwanted solder and braid springs for lower electrical . A tried-and-true method of cleaning solder joints for rewiring jobs.

Fine braided copper draws away old solder as you press the wick onto the connection with a . De-solder wicks or solder braids are used for solder removal, repair and rework operations on soldered circuit boards. Here you can find our selection of different desoldering wicks, and desoldering . HALOGEN-FREE DESOLDERING WICKS 10PCS Width : 2. Less than 0ppm each of chlorine, bromine, fluorine and iodine content . Braided metal which draws up melted solder.

Solder wick